About Us

Sefton NHS Five Year Place Plan

Our aim is to continually improve health and wellbeing for all in Sefton.

A lot has been achieved over the last five years, since the development of our first Shaping Sefton Strategy. We have listened to what you told us in 2014 and either put in place or are in the process of developing better and more focused health, care and wellbeing to meet your needs.

Our successes include:

  • Improved access to GP practices with many open seven days a week and none now closing in the afternoons.
  • Development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to improve the delivery of services and improve patient experience.
  • Improving after care for those who have sought emergency treatment through A&E
  • Better linking of cancer services with community based support and improving awareness and screening for patients
  • Laying the foundations for a community based cardiology service which will bring services closer to people’s homes and include diagnostics for patients. This includes the delivery of a cardiology hub in Southport which reduces the need for hospital appointments.
  • Reviewed children and young people’s audiology services to improve the patient journey.
  • Developed a community hub for diabetes in Litherland with all of the specialists, including a dietician, under one roof. A similar satellite hub has been developed in Maghull.
  • Working closely with the voluntary Community and Faith sector to improve and encourage “social prescribing”, where people are referred for art or other activity programmes - particularly for those with mild to moderate mental
    health problems.
  • Carried out a full review of mental health and dementia services particularly for Early Intervention Psychosis, Hospital Mental Health Liaison and developing care for people with who have a long term condition and a common mental health illness.

Despite all of this hard work to improve the things you most need and care about, we know there is still a lot to do. It is recognised and, unfortunately, to some extent often tolerated by residents, that the services you get are often disconnected or not appropriate for the care you need.

We often hear that the care you receive is excellent, but the “system” lets you, and us, down. Well, over the next five years the main aim of this plan is to address those “system” issues.

You can see from the examples above that we have made a great start, and so we are now in a very good position to make greater strides, not just as individual organisations, but as one “system” for the whole of Sefton.

A lot of work has been carried out, especially in the last 12 months, by the Sefton Health and Care Transformation Board. This brings together commissioners, such as the two Sefton Clinical Commissioning Groups and Sefton Council, with health and care providers, including hospital trusts and community providers.

As you look through the rest of this Sefton Five Year NHS Plan you will see that many of our priorities are around working more closely as partners to develop a much better system and to focus on prevention. We also aim to cut delays, improve the quality of care, bring care closer to your homes and reduce both A&E attendance and hospital admissions.

In line with the ambitions of the national NHS Long Term Plan, we want to refocus our efforts and increase our investment in prevention rather than cure. This includes things like increasing vaccination and immunisation rates as well as identifying when we can intervene earlier to stop or reduce conditions getting worse. This will help you live longer, healthier lives and reduce your need for traditional medical services in the future.

By encouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle; such as eating and drinking more healthily, taking more exercise and not smoking, you will be happier and will not have to rely on health and care services as much as you go through life.

Our main areas of focus are outlined and you will see that they are pretty ambitious. But we do have some stark health and care issues in Sefton which need to be addressed.

We need to prevent and reduce existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and mental health conditions across all ages; reduce your waiting times for surgery and urgent care and provide value for money to you, the taxpayer. We can do this by thinking more strategically about our future commissioning arrangements with all providers, including the voluntary, community and faith sector.

We have developed this initial draft outline plan in conversation with our partners, both across the NHS and with Sefton Council, which is currently leading on the refresh of the borough’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Our plan is a key element of helping to deliver that overall strategy, as well as influencing the Cheshire and Mersey NHS Plan. We in the NHS are dedicated to working even more closely as the Health and Care Partnership as we move forward. We are all committed to delivering the key aims of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Sefton and helping people Start Well, Live Well and Age Well.

We are very interested in your views on the content of the plan and we will be continuing to engage with local people, organisations and groups in September and October to finalise the plan so there can be a realistic as well as ambitious level of wellbeing and health improvement by 2024.